I have illustrated three children's books, commissioned by writers directly. I hope to one day write and illustrate my own book. Below are some of my personal illustrations. The girl and bear are Mabel and Bruin, who have been living in my brain for some time. One day they'll get out.
The Rory Story

I illustrated my first book in 2009, commissioned by Julianna Blankenship. Ten years later she reached out again, and I illustrated The Rory Story: the story of Julianna's niece, Anna, and the family dog with tons of personality.
The first book I illustrated entirely in Photoshop, on my desktop. I knew I wanted more time away from the computer, so I illustrated primarily with Sharpie, which I used as a mask that I colored in-computer. I have since purchased an iPad Pro and can't wait to illustrate more.
More Drawings, just for fun:
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