Over the past decade, I have taken on a great many project, large and small. Here is a sampling of some standout projects in graphic design or print.
Custom Indie Covers
When self-publishing books became more mainstream, I tapped into the author market and created several designs for both print and e-book covers. I enjoyed creating these covers, as they afforded me a lot of opportunity to use my Photoshop skills. I also took great consideration to ensure the covers were eye-catching as a thumbnail on a website or e-reader.
Chocolate Emporium 
In 2017 I worked with Chocolate Emporium to create a logo, website, and packaging for their Kosher products. I worked with a photographer to take photographs of the chocolates, which was a fun experience (I can put food stylist on my resume!). I then worked with Tap Packaging to create a Point of Sale display, chocolate boxes with a label sleeve, and chocolate bar wrappers. The products are in sale at Heinen's Grocery in Cleveland. 
Cleveland Holistic Collab
The Cleveland Holistic Collab was looking for a unique product to include in a swag bag for a wellness conference. We came up with the concept of a passport where they receive stamps for discounted services. It was great fun to create my own passport stamps.
Craft Kit Audition Project
I was interviewing for a company that created craft kits on cruise ships. The interview process was extensive, and I ended up creating this entire kit and instruction manual: materials included. The craft I came up with was a push puppet, and I developed my own instructions to create this collapsible doll. It was a fun project, but unfortunately the job fell through. 

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