2019 major redesign

My original professional passion is web design. When I was a teenager, I saw it as a means to be creative in a new medium which would be in demand. In the past decades I have grown alongside the internet in skill and ability, keeping on top of technology with an understanding of user experience, SEO, mobile/responsive design, and the latest web building tools.
Surprise & Delight
My ideal web project is one where I can be creative enough to build something that has never been seen before. Small touches can bring a website to life and is essential for establishing a strong brand. 
In 2015 I contracted through The Creative Group (Robert Half). I covered 2 women on the Acquisition department in an insurance company who had concurrent maternity leaves. At the end of my year, I was offered a full time position, but declined to run my art business full time. I have to admit there have been times I've almost regretted it! 
My time at this company was very valuable in learning about User Experience and User Interaction Design. I was afforded the opportunity for my designs to be studied and analyzed by focus groups, and gained a better understanding of how users navigate websites, and how to hone in on website goals through design. I loved working with the team, and other departments in the company. I was also given a lot of freedom with email design, and did a lot of A/B testing. I was also the only coder on the team, which was valuable at times to expedite projects.
Due to my contract, I cannot post my designs in this portfolio, but I can provide more information on request.

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